Just who are the White Trash Cowboys?

Bryan and I both grew up in Longview, TX...there isn't really much to do for fun we started jamming like in 6th grade.  Although we started together ..When we got older in college we lived in different we were in different bands.  I moved closer to him in our 30's and it so happens we were both in child raising modes and we weren't in bands....and we needed a bowling we started jamming together again after 15 years apart.  We both grew up listening to rock and heavy a predominately Country town...and we loved it.   White Trash Cowboys has all the great influences of that music...Journey, Judas Priest, Guns & Roses, Iron Maiden, Junkyard,  etc.  Its 80's rock in a modern world.

To us music is life...and so much more

While we started jamming just for a night out, we actually realized we were writing some good songs....that progressed into a band that was soon playing all over Austin.  In 2007 we recorded our first Commercial CD, pulling some great talent into the mix as the drummer from Ratt, Bass player from John Waite, Bass Player from Bad Company.  Our simple night out had actually turned into a real band, lol.

Be Inspired by Everything

I find inspiration all around me.  We try to make my music representative of our beliefs that a kind heart and faith is all you really need.  We like to write  song's that everyone can relate to.  We never thought we'd get rich or famous, actually we spent more money on the band than we ever made.....we did it for our love of music.


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